At Eden Place Healing Arts every massage is as unique as the individual on our table. Our therapists take their time to get to know you and customize your service to address the issues that are most important to you, utilizing a variety of techniques and modalities. We offer traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and are happy to incorporate energetic balancing into your service if you wish.

We believe that when the mind is at peace and the body is at ease our innate healing abilities function at their highest capacity. We strive to create an environment of trusting acceptance where you can let go of your worries and cares to achieve a state of deep relaxation.Your service will leave you feeling nurtured and grounded. If you’ve never received massage, this is a wonderful way to explore the many techniques that are available in a comfortable, non-judgmental setting. If you have a lot of experience with massage, you’ll find that our therapists can combine the techniques that you love with new modalities to create your ideal experience of pain relief and relaxation. 



+ Can massage help with headaches?

Yes! Both tension headaches and migraines can be soothed with massage. That’s because massage promotes circulation, decreases pain from trigger points, and relieves muscle spasms. Receiving massage regularly can even reduce frequency of headaches. For those who suffer from headaches, a treatment plan including Craniosacral Therapy is ideal. Craniosacral Therapy is particularly effective for chronic headaches and migraines because it realigns the bones of the head and face, improves flow of the cerebrospinal fluid and calms the nervous system.

+ Can massage improve my health?

Yes! Receiving massage regularly has many health benefits including: improved cardiovascular health, lowered blood pressure, and improved circulation. Massage also relieves insomnia, improves quality of sleep, and boosts the immune system.

+ Can massage improve my athletic performance?

Yes! Massage therapy increases flexibility and range of motion, while decreasing recovery time from intense workouts.

+ Can massage relieve back pain?

Yes! Massage is effective in easing chronic pain in the low back as well as the neck and shoulders. This is because massage reduces tension, increases circulation, and improves posture.

+ I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Should I get a massage?

Unfortunately, no. Although receiving massage regularly strengthens the immune system, getting a massage when you are sick can actually make things worse. That’s because massage increases circulation and has a powerful detoxifying effect on the body and can cause uncomfortable symptoms to become much stronger. It is best to wait until you’re feeling well. Then massage can help to resolve residual achiness and tension from all that coughing and sneezing. It’s best to wait one week from onset of symptoms.

+ Can massage improve my mood?

Yes! Massage provides stress relief and reduces negative mood states like anxiety, depression, and anger. Massage releases endorphins that help you to feel happier and more relaxed and improves quality of sleep.

+ Are there supporting therapies that can increase the effectiveness of massage for relieving my ailments?

Yes! Depending on your specific condition, there are many therapies that can be combined with massage to give you the best results. At Eden Place Healing Art, we offer several complementary healing modalities, including:

· Psychotherapy to address underlying mental and emotional causes of physical pain and bring peace and resolution to past traumas. · Nutrition Therapy to improve general health, discover food sensitivities and decrease inflammation, all of which can contribute to decreased pain and increased wellness. · Craniosacral Therapy which is especially effective for chronic conditions and a wonderful option for particularly sensitive individuals.

+ Why should I drink water after a massage?

Massage aids the process of detoxification by increasing circulation and relieving tension in muscles. Drinking water after a massage helps your kidneys to flush toxins that have been released out of your bloodstream.

+ How often should I receive massage?

Once a month is the recommended minimum frequency for obtaining the health benefits of massage. A weekly massage will offer maximum benefits for both short term relief and lasting results.

+ What other Services do you offer that combine well with Massage?

Many physical ailments have underlying emotional components. Talking with a psychotherapist can help to identify and resolve the emotional and mental aspects of an imbalance that you're feeling in your body. Diet is inseparable from health. If you wish to make lasting improvements to your health and wellbeing, our nutritionist can help to identify foods that are contributing to discomfort and recommend changes to the way you eat that will improve the way you feel. In addition to massage, subtle therapies like Craniosacral and Reiki can relieve stress, reduce pain, and promote healing… etc



Reiki is  a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that supports healing. From the words Rei: “Universal Life” and Ki: “Energy.” When you receive a Reiki session you will remain fully clothed while reclining comfortably on the massage table. Your service will consist of light touch on a series of locations on your head, torso, and feet. Recipients of Reiki often experience heat and pulsations of energy. Reiki supports healing by removing energy blockages created by physical injury or emotional trauma. Benefits include deep relaxation, relief of stress, and enhanced emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.



+ How long will my session last?

Reiki sessions typically last 60 or 90 minutes. A 60 minute session is sufficient to address all of the major energy centers of the body, while a 90 minute session will also provide time to give extra attention to areas that are particular sources of pain or stress. A 30 minute mini-session can be experienced as an abbreviated treatment or as an enhancement to a therapeutic massage.

+ Will a single Reiki treatment relieve my ailments?

Generally speaking, no. Although one session will typically provide noticeable relief, a series of Reiki treatments is optimal for effecting lasting change. Four treatments are generally recommend for creating the desired relief of pain and stress.

+ What will I feel when I receive a Reiki treatment?

Experiences of Reiki are very subjective and vary from one person to the next. You will likely have an experience of very deep relaxation. You may also notice heat, tingling, or pulsations of energy at the locations where Reiki is being applied.

+ How does the Reiki method support healing?

Reiki is based on the theory that therapists can channel healing energy by means of touch to activate the body’s natural healing process. Emotional stress and physical trauma can create blockages to the flow of energy in and around the body. Reiki helps to dissolve these blockages thereby restoring the proper flow of energy that is integral to the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

+ Since Reiki is an energetic modality does that mean it will only help with mental and emotional issues?

No! Reiki also supports healing on the physical level. It is especially effective for relieving back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines and thyroid imbalances.

+ Are there any specific emotional disturbances that Reiki can help with?

Yes. Reiki is particularly helpful for relieving feelings of anger, panic, and jealousy. It also improves conditions including depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

+ Can Reiki help with other personal concerns?

Yes! Reiki helps to resolve spiritual dilemmas like struggling with forgiveness and fear of death.

+ Will Reiki interfere with other care that I am receiving?

No! Reiki augments the benefits of other therapies and is often practiced as a compliment to traditional procedures in hospitals and medical offices.

+ I am unable to receive massage due to health concerns. Should I avoid Reiki as well?

Most likely, no! Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis; however, as a rule Reiki is beneficial for all individuals. While massage can have a powerful detoxifying effect that may be contraindicated for some individuals, the gentle healing of Reiki is almost always helpful. Reiki is particularly beneficial for those who are unable to receive massage and is especially helpful for those who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

+ Can I receive Reiki during my pregnancy?

Yes! Reiki is wonderful for pregnant women. The benefits of Reiki healing can even be directed towards your unborn child if you wish. Reiki can also be used to support a peaceful and healthy delivery for mother and baby.