Eden Place Healing Arts

Eden Place is the name of a neighborhood about 10 blocks north of downtown Lake Worth. It is the neighborhood where our office is located. The idea of giving our office the neighborhood's name stems from the thought that people should be able to get the services they need in the same neighborhood they live in. This saves time, stress and gas miles. Eden Place Healing Arts is a small Holistic Health Center that offers CranioSacral and Massage Therapy, Reiki, EMDR and Psychotherapy. While we happily welcome clients from anywhere, we want to encourage individuals and families who live or have businesses in Eden Place or in the surrounding neighborhoods to get a treatment on their way to work or on their way home. Or walk or bike over to us on a quiet Saturday morning!

The small blue house that was once a residential family home proudly features a natural ambiance that is often hard to find in a business in Florida. While during the hot time of the year we close windows and doors to keep heat and humidity out and use the A/C in a mindful way, during the temperate time of the year we take advantage of the many screened windows and doors, and allow a natural airflow enhanced by ceiling fans. We believe in using energy and water in a way that is respectful to the environment and in using only natural products without harmful additives. The treatment rooms have natural cork floors and our landscaping is 100% sustainable, consisting of almost entirely Florida native plants which require very little water. 

After your treatment feel free to sit down, relax and have tea in our spacious waiting room or on the pergola covered front porch.


What our clients have to say: